The Shawnee Veterans Memorial Committee

I am writing this guest editorial based on a hunch. Namely, that at least one member of your Family is now, or was a veteran serving our country.

We invite you to honor that family member for all time by submitting their name to be engraved On a brick paver to be used in the construction of the Veterans Memorial to be built at Shawnee’s Woodland Veterans Park.

Perhaps it was your father, uncle, grandfather, or another relative who volunteered, or was drafted To serve our country in a time of need. Of course, if you are a veteran or active duty member of The United States armed forces thank you for your service to America. Whatever your personal Connection, we know you must be proud of your family’s legacy.

That is why we are extending this invitation to “BUY A BRICK”, along with a donation, and give Full, fitting recognition to someone in your family who served in the military either overseas or on The home front.

When the memorial is completed this year it will offer a permanent place of solitude, reflection, And respect for your loved ones who may have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. As of this date we have the architectural plans drawn up and submitted to SI memorial contractors Out of their Tulsa, Oklahoma field office. The estimated cost will be approximately $350,000.

The city of Shawnee has pledged $50,000 to the memorial fund. The four veterans’ organizations VFW, American Legion, DAV, & 40/8 have been taking orders for the bricks, selling raffle Tickets for a “one of a kind” engraved Colt pistol, and speaking to various county wide groups For support and financial assistance.

Some say that we are in the midst of tough economic times and family hardships. “Therefore I Can’t possibly afford to help at this time”. May I remind you that is not the American way. Every veteran that has served, served under extreme personal and financial hardships for
Themselves and their families, and many hundreds of thousands paid the ultimate price.

So let’s roll up our sleeves, write that check, purchase a raffle ticket, and ask our friends, relatives, And neighbors to do the same. We believe that this memorial will be one of the greatest economic Development initiatives our city and county has ever seen. And we are proud to be a part of it.

Don’t we all want a place to honor the participants of the greatest military in the world? A place to Teach our children about their parents’ and grandparents’ sacrifice for freedom on the battlefield And on the home front. A place equal to our love of God and country. Of course we do. So please click the Application link above!

Thomas Schrzan
Public Relations Director


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